Highest roads in the world tour

I have needed a new mission for a while after my disillusioned track day dreams were crushed. I’m just not into track riding, I really like roads and the smoothness you can flow with them, track is a very different vibe.

Feeling particularly forlorn on Monday I decided to plan a mission based on what I love.

I love travelling. The freedom and to feel at home in myself when I’m away. I love mountains and mountain roads. I love taking photos of breathtaking places. So what’s better than going to some of the best vistas in the world on a motorised bike? Mountain hot springs! That’s what! To relax in bath temperatures whilst out in the wilderness after a long ride. That to me is heaven.

So my aim is to ride the highest roads in each continent by 2020 – which coincides with my 40th birthday and take in any local hot springs!

With no time to waste Colorado’s Mount Evans is first on the list. I will follow in the footsteps of Guy Martin and ride Pikes Peak, stay with some amazing lady riders and spend a night in a cabin at the best hot springs in the snow.

Watch this space…

Ride on 🙂